How to plan a book series

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 26 – Planning a Long Book Series

In this special episode of The Career Author Podcast, Zach and J. are together in the same room once again. This time, they discuss the good and the bad from their most recent meeting, how to plan a book series of your own, and more: Sad farewells to one of the best drummers in the[…]

Opportunity costs of adaptation

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 25 – The Opportunity Costs of Adaptation

All authors think about what it would be like to see their book on the big screen or on a television set. But what are the opportunity costs of adaptation? Take a deep dive into this question and more with J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon. You will learn: J.’s recent experience teaching Rachel Herron about[…]

The future of bookstores

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 24 – The Future of Bookstores

One of the most controversial and most discussed topics in the publishing world is what the future holds for bookstores, as well as physical books. J. and Zach discuss the future of bookstores and more: Some of the issues with running a news segment on The Career Author Podcast The importance of developing systems to increase[…]

Mailing lists for authors

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 23 – Mailing Lists for Authors

You’ve heard all the advice on how to build a mailing list, but what do you do once you’ve got a reader’s email? On this week’s episode, J. and Zach talk about mailing lists for authors and more: The impressive success of one author’s sleazy tactics to gain Amazon reviews Book stuffing and other Kindle[…]