Night rituals

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 30 – Night Rituals

What do the guys do at night to rest or to fill their respective creative wells? Zach and J. discuss their night rituals and more: The podcast hits 30 episodes Exciting  times at metal shows One of the fathers of indie publishing signs a deal for a TV adaptation and what it means for other[…]

Decision making for indie authors

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 29 – Decision Making for Indie Authors

Zach and J. discuss the struggles of decision making for indie authors and more: How quickly you can fall out of routine Findaway Voices continues to innovate in the world of audiobooks How the guys choose their Amazon keywords and offer some advice for improving your own Amazon page with keywords and metadata Why the[…]

Self publishing

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 28 – Our Experience with Trilogies and Self Publishing

Zach and J. have spent most of their time as collaborators working on trilogies, but now they’ve decided to move away from that. On this episode, they discuss what they’ve learned by writing and self publishing trilogies, why they are ready to try a longer series, and more: A fascinating new show J. is watching[…]

BookBub Breakdown

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 27 – BookBub Breakdown

J. hit the jackpot and got accepted for a BookBub ad. But how did it go? On today’s episode, J. offers a detailed Bookbub breakdown and more: Working on the holidays The importance of learning to switch your focus from the macro to the micro when plotting or revising a story J. explains how you[…]