Internet etiquette for authors

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 35 – Internet Etiquette for Authors

Today on the show, Zach and J. share a story about something that recently happened to them, and how they turned lemons into lemonade. It leads to a conversation about internet etiquette for authors. You’ll discover best practices for interacting with people in your author career and more: The science of coffee J.’s top tip[…]

Where to sell books

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 34 – Retail or Real Life? Where to Sell Books

J. and Zach talk about selling at conventions, the advantages and disadvantages whether or not author book signings are worth it, and more: The importance of honesty, discipline, and trust in yourself to finish everything that needs to get done Why goal setting can be psychologically damaging and a little bit about what the guys[…]

How to find a book cover artist

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 33 – How to Find a Book Cover Artist

You’ve written that novel, but now you need a book cover. Do you make it yourself? Do you find a graphic artist? How do you even find a good cover artist, and what should you be looking for? J. and Zach share how to find a book cover artist and more in this week’s episode[…]

The future of audiobooks

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 32 – The Future of Audiobooks

J. recently visited Findaway Voices to see some of the cool things they are doing in the world of audiobooks. Today, Zach and J. discuss some of the stuff they showed J. and how we see the future of audiobooks and more: The growing library of content on The Career Author Podcast Patreon page An easy way[…]

Great Storytelling

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 31 – Great Storytelling in 15 Seconds

Do you think it’s possible to tell a complete story in fifteen seconds with no dialogue? Today, Zach and J. break down a fifteen second Clorox commercial to facilitate a discussion about story structure and the many facets of great storytelling. You’ll discover: The sense of accomplishment you feel when you finish a series The[…]