How to protect your creative energy

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 39 – How to Protect Your Creative Energy

As an author, it’s important to protect your creative energy in order to produce the best book possible. Today, J. and Zach discuss the importance of setting up boundaries and barriers. You’ll discover how to protect your creative energy and more: Why creating a designated workspace for your writing is an essential step for every[…]

Story worldbuilding

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 38 – Story World Building

For many authors, worldbuilding is the most fun part of the process. J. and Zach are back together in person this week and have a face to face discussion about their story worldbuilding processes. You will discover: How Molten Universe Media has used Amazon ads (AMS) to boost their sales The various types of AMS[…]

Publishing tools

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 37 – Publishing Tools in a Changing Landscape

Things seem to change every single day in self-publishing. Today, J. and Zach talk about some of the best publishing tools available today,  some recent changes with paperbacks over at Amazon, and more: The success of the new Halloween movie The ever-changing nature of self publishing and why it’s important to pay attention to developments[…]

How to edit a novel

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 36 – How to Edit a Novel with The Editor’s Six Core Questions

Zach and J. go deep on craft today and talk about The Editor’s Six Core Questions. You’ll discover the basics of how to edit a novel and more: How recent changes to J.’s morning routine have helped him tap into the deepest parts of his creativity and increased his motivation How to train your brain[…]