Services for authors

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 61 – Should I Write For or Offer Services to Authors? (Part 1)

In many past episodes, the guys have discussed the importance of income diversification with multiple revenue streams. In today’s episode (part 1 of 2), Zach and J. dive deep into potential ways authors can help other authors while earning money. You will learn how to decide whether or not you should provide services for authors[…]

Implementing a backup system

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 60 – Nerd Alert! Implementing a Backup System

Would you be prepared if your computer crashed tomorrow and your cloud service went down? It’s a doom and gloom subject, but implementing a backup system is something many authors put off until it’s too late. On this episode, J. shares his time and experience as a systems administrator to help you learn how to[…]

How to get more writing done

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 59 – How to Get More Writing Done

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to write? Is it hard to focus? Do you find yourself procrastinating? Today, J. and Zach share some tips to help stay in the zone. You’ll discover how to get more writing done and more: Some exciting stuff happening on the Patreon Molten Universe Media’s latest[…]

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 58 – StoryLevels, Sci-Fi Seattle, and a Look Behind the Curtain

J. and Zach have two big announcements on today’s show and also take you behind the scenes to discuss some of the big mistakes they’ve made running past author events, and how they’ve fixed them for 2019. You will discover: How to decide what you’re going to include in a specific scene with “scene seeds”[…]