Opt-in forms, tagging, and segmentation for your email newsletter

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 69 – Tag! You’re it! Opt-in forms and Tagging Your List

The best way to cultivate your mailing list is to know what your readers and want and where they came from. Zach and J. discuss “tagging” subscribers and how that system can pay dividends later. You will discover how to create effective opt-in forms and more: The release of J. and Zach’s first nonfiction book[…]

How to write a great character

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 68 – What Makes a Good Character Great?

Character is critical and in this episode, Zach and J. go deep on how to take yours from good to great. You will discover how to write great characters and more: How science fiction and fantasy authors can use World Anvil as a marketing tool Why the guys don’t do an enormous amount of worldbuilding[…]

When to sell direct

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 67 – Knowing How and When to Sell Direct

While we’d all love to sell books directly to our readers, there are still some hurdles to overcome with direct sales. Zach and J. discuss the advantages and disadvantages of selling direct. You will discover when to sell direct as an author and more: The newest Molten Universe Media author A powerful system to help[…]

Digital minimalism

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 66 – Digital Minimalism for the Career Author

It’s not easy to turn away from social media in this day age but what’s it costing you? Zach and J. discuss the toll our digital life can take while exploring some ways to stay healthy. You will discover how the guys have approached digital minimalism in their own life and more: Some of the[…]