How to plan a series

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 78 – Don’t start a series until you answer these 2 questions.

Simply by accident, J. and Zach stumbled upon the two most important questions you need to ask when planning your series. You will discover some of the basics of how to plan a series and more: The launch of How to Self Publish, a brand new and 100% free ebook Why the number of dollars[…]

Protecting your intellectual property

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 77 – Nobody Cares

J.’s less tactful and unofficial title for this episode is a nod to Steven Pressfield: “Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit.” While protecting your intellectual property is wise, spending time trying to lock it down is foolish. You will discover how you should be protecting your creative work and more: A great book that can[…]

Time management for authors

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 76 – What to Focus on When Not Writing

Time management for authors can be a tricky business. Prioritizing what you should be doing when you’re not writing is important. Zach and J. make some suggestions on where you should focus. You will discover: Some interesting changes in the video game industry + how they relate to what’s happening in the publishing industry right[…]

Analysis paralysis

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 75 – Paralysis by Analysis

Trying to figure out where to start can be daunting. Tapping into the wisdom of Seth Godin, Steven Pressfield, and Shawn Coyne, J. and Zach try to explain how to overcome analysis paralysis in your author career. You will discover: The first official sponsor of The Career Author Podcast How to get access to special[…]