Reflections on 2019

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 105 – Reflections on 2019

Reflections on 2019 It’s hard to believe that 2020 is almost upon us. In this reflective episode, Zach and J. look back at 2019 and discuss some of their personal successes and struggles while also talking about what went right—and wrong—with Molten Universe Media. The Career Author Podcast is a podcast where co-authors J. Thorn[…]

Value Your Intellectual Property

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 104 – Value Your Intellectual Property

Value Your Intellectual Property Your intellectual property is valuable. How do you exploit it to build true fans and more revenue? Star Wars. Harry Potter. Pokemon. Mickey Mouse. These are some of the most recognizable franchises in the world. But why? What makes Star Wars so much more beloved than any other science fiction and[…]

Beating Resistance

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 103 – Beating Resistance

Beating Resistance is a daily challenge. For most creatives, we must battle doubt and insecurity at every step of the way. In The War of Art, Steven Pressfield defines the universal force that tries to keep us from our full potential. Thanks to Kim for sending in a topic suggestion that we’ve turned into “Beating[…]

Creating Characters Who Aren’t Like You

The Career Author Podcast: Episode 102 – Creating Characters Who Aren’t Like You

Creating characters who aren’t like you is key to making your story world feel real and lived in. Our world would be a boring place if every person was exactly the same. As such, so can the worlds in your books if all your characters are. It’s natural for us to write about our own[…]