July 23, 2019

About Us

The co-hosts of the Career Author podcast!

career author podcast

The story of the Career Author podcast: Zach and J. met years ago and immediately bonded over a mutual love of horror, heavy metal, and hot coffee. After co-hosting The Horror Writers Podcast for almost a year, they decided to write together as Molten Universe Media, their new publishing company. Though both men had day jobs, they aspired to transform from struggling writers to career authors.

In 2018, they started the Career Author podcast because both men believed the conversations they were having about self-publishing, writing, craft, and marketing would probably help other aspiring writers. They were talking about these things anyway, so why not put up a few microphones and turn it into a podcast? So that’s exactly what they did. Since early 2018, the podcast has been listened to more than 100,000 times, developed a dedicated Patreon following, been sponsored by Kobo Writing Life, and grown into a caring community of authors and creatives.

In addition to the Career Author podcast…

In 2017, Bohannon and Thorn released book one of their Final Awakening series, which registered over a million pages read in the first 90 days. In that same year, they traveled to New Orleans from Chicago, via an overnight train, with Joanna Penn and Lindsay Buroker, that trip becoming the first of the “Authors on a Train” retreats. Since then, they’ve taken authors on several weekend world-building outings such as “Night of the Writing Dead,” “Rock Apocalypse,” and “Sci-Fi Seattle.” “Authors on a Train” rides again in 2020 with a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and the duo returns to the French Quarter with “Vampires of New Orleans” during Halloween.

While co-hosting The Career Author Podcast and running Molten Universe Media together, J. and Zach continue to grow and expand their author services. The Career Author Summit will debut in 2020, as will STORY LEVELS, a story-methodology book to be published by Shawn Coyne at Story Grid Universe.

“I’m a Top 100 Most Popular Author in Horror, Science Fiction, Action & Adventure and Fantasy (Amazon Author Rank). Also, I’ve published two million words and sold more than 185,000 books worldwide. I’m thrilled to work with you and help you succeed.”

“I’m a Top 100 Most Popular Author in Horror and Science Fiction. In addition, I’m the author of the best-selling zombie series, Empty Bodies, as well as the best-selling, postapocalyptic horror series, Final Awakening, with over a million page reads and counting. I can’t wait to help you build your author platform.”

If you have dreams of transforming from a struggling writer to a career author, we have the tools to help you do it. Find out how!