The Career Author Podcast: Episode 72 – The past, present, and future of publishing (a special panel).

There’s no substitute for spending time with real people. J. and Zach reflect on their recent events plus a panel on publishing from Rock Apocalypse.

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6 thoughts on “The Career Author Podcast: Episode 72 – The past, present, and future of publishing (a special panel).

  • Hi guys. Great Hack Zach. Totally agree that networking with real people at these kind of events is tremendously valuable. When I became a writer I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life in a dark room on my own, which I was happy with as a loner. Then I came on Authors on a Train. Wow. Mixing with like minded people is so stimulating and as you say it’s not just interaction with the presenters at the events. Often the attendees have expert knowledge beyond that of the presenters. I went to 20BooksLondon last year and so did Joanna Penn, as an attendee, to learn stuff. Every day’s a school day. The Indie writing community is so helpful. I find these events motivating so now I am totally committed to coming out of my cave every now and then to speak to mix and speak to real people.
    I enjoyed listening to when and where the panel started. I and I always like lessons learned. (great title and subject for an Indie book). Loved the show today.

  • In person beats online every time, esp if it’s with your tribe(to invoke Godin wisdom…)! Definitely a different connection in person is formed…have an awesome rest of your week! 🙂

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