March 26, 2020

Netflix Party

“Dinner Party” – The Office Season 4 Episode 9

You’ll need a Netflix account (you can get a free 30-day trial if you don’t have one), as well as the free Netflix Party Chrome extension that you can find here: https://www.netflixparty.com/

Click on the button below at the scheduled start time, then click on the red “NP” icon now on your Chrome browser and you’ll be watching in sync with us PLUS we can talk to each other during the episode using the chat window. To participate you’ll need to be able to watch Netflix through your Google Chrome web browser.

*Refresh the page if the above button takes you to the Netflix Party website at the scheduled time and date.

Text link if the button doesn’t work: https://www.netflix.com/watch/70108695?npSessionId=d7f14c421e77e11c&npServerId=s181