The Career Author Podcast: Episode 116 – Special Guest J.D. Barker

International bestselling author J.D. Barker

Special Guest J.D. Barker

In this special episode, Zach and J. welcome international bestselling author J.D. Barker! J.D. co-hosts the Writers, Ink Podcast with J. but he does so much more. Barker has cowritten with one of Bram Stoker’s descendants as well as with James Patterson. He is a master of horror and suspense and we get to know him better in this conversation.

In the opening, the guys discuss the global situation right now including tornados and pandemics.

About J.D. Barker:

J.D. Barker is the international best-selling author of numerous novels, including DRACUL and THE FOURTH MONKEY. He is currently collaborating with James Patterson. His novels have been translated into two dozen languages and optioned for both film and television. Barker resides in coastal New Hampshire with his wife, Dayna, and their daughter, Ember.

The Career Author Podcast is a podcast where co-authors J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon share their struggles and successes as full-time authors, advice for improving your writing craft, and honest discussions of what it takes to build a successful career as an author.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why podcasting with J. was one of J.D.’s lifelong dreams
  • What’s it like to cowrite with James Patterson
  • How a pantser (J.D.) and a plotter (James Patterson) can work together
  • What Dean Koontz taught J.D. about drafting
  • The definition of a hybrid writer
  • How J.D. gets his books in front of as many readers as possible
  • Common mistakes authors make when pursuing traditional publishing

Also in this episode, J. shares his new Pinterest strategy.

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6 thoughts on “The Career Author Podcast: Episode 116 – Special Guest J.D. Barker

  • Morning guys. Landmark episode – Zach’s back to Social Media… nearly.
    Interesting chat with J.D. about outlining. I like J’s question, “don’t you keep an outline in your head?”
    Also interesting J. D. implying that the trad model of one book a year is not enough to satisfy readers. I wonder whether trad publishers will ever latch onto that. Indies know that putting out a book regular keeps readers warm, but trad publishers haven’t worked it out yet. They would have to shake up their Victorian publishing processes.
    I enjoyed Zach’s interview especially the parts which took on the countenance of a love triangle 🙂.
    How do I get my books in front of as many readers as possible? I don’t. I’ve tried threats and blackmail – it works for the Mafia, but not for me. In 2021 I suppose I’ll go down the traditional route of an email list and advertising when I have more books. Although I could always try a podcast. J will be available in June as it will be 6 months since he started a new podcast so he’ll be getting an itchy mike by then…
    Great show.

  • Nodding at the intro…That is the landmark episode I expect from you guys…Next week…Real Landmark Episode back to normal. So I was trying to figure out what other podcasts you would be on and figured there would be a good chance of Stark Reflections and lo and behold the cast dropped last night.

    Speaking of podcasts and J going to non book conferences, if he hasn’t listened to Smart Passive Income podcast and the side hustle show I would suggest adding them because they have good non book related marketing and strategies. The Pinterest Idea came up on the side hustle show a while back and the SPI podcast is just a great podcast for small business developers.

    So I know we talk about career author, but isn’t JD’s situation where he gets a 7 figure deal from a publishing house a bit of a perfect storm of finding the winning lottery ticket on your morning walk?

    I am going to be more active on reddit and working the email list in order to get more eyes on my book(s). I have flirted with the idea behind a podcast if only to keep my honest about my writing if I make it into an Author’s journal.
    Of course I need to release a book, but my current system should have it out by May 1st. We shall see if the system holds.

    • Yes! I’ve been a fan of SPI podcast for a long time.

      I can’t really speak for J.D., but his situation is the result of decades of hard work as a ghost writer and book doctor. He created his luck.

  • ahh I was confused cause he said his second book got a 7 figure contract. So actually it was his second published book under his own name. He had published several as a ghost writer first. I find that is usually the case when these kind of deals hit.

    “I am a hit” of course that person grinded it out for 10 years first.

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