The Career Author Podcast: Episode 24 – The Future of Bookstores

One of the most controversial and most discussed topics in the publishing world is what the future holds for bookstores, as well as physical books. J. and Zach give some of their thoughts on a recent article entitled Can Barnes and Noble Survive? and discuss what you as an author should be thinking about when it relates to the health of brick and mortar bookstores. Also, they debut their newest segment with a Google Calendar productivity tip.

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Can Barnes and Noble Survive? – http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/can-barnes-noble-survive/

Sell More Book Show Summit 2019 – http://www.sellmorebooksshow.com/summit

Night of the Writing Dead – http://www.nightofthewritingdead.com Authors on a Train – http://www.authorsonatrain.com

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