The Career Author Podcast: Episode 130 – The Publishing Industry Panel

The Publishing Industry Panel

The Publishing Industry Panel

In our fast-paced digital world, things are always changing. And the publishing industry isn’t immune to these changes. Join publishing experts and leaders from Kobo, Google Play, Draft2Digital, Reedsy, and Vellum as they explore the future of publishing in this unique and enthralling panel discussion.

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2 thoughts on “The Career Author Podcast: Episode 130 – The Publishing Industry Panel

  • Morning guys.
    Some fascinating ideas here. So I can type a script into my computer, get it to read out the script to someone in another room, like Mark did with his wife. Then I could leave through the window, murder somebody and return and the person my computer was talking to in the other room will swear blind they were listening to me talk…
    Obviously I am only thinking of this as a plot device for a murder mystery… “ha ha…” laughs nervously.
    Love the idea of murder mystery story by Geo-location. I agree with Dan’s idea that people still have long attention spans for the right content.
    This video triggered a thought. Around 2500 BCE I can imagine a panel of an Egyptian and Sumerian version of yourselves sitting in an oasis in Mesopotamia discussing the new technology of writing. “So guys how do you think this new technology of writing is going to affect storytelling…”
    As civilisation advances nothing changes. Long live the story.

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